Here’s the real deal


How it Began

Two girls walked into an exquisite (and very tiny) cupcake shop while vacationing in London, England, and that is how Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery came to life. They  had a “lightbulb” moment, looked at each other and decided they had to open their own cupcakery in Tallahassee. The country was in a recession and they thought people needed a sweet, inexpensive treat to celebrate themselves.

Jean Bates hailed from slinging drinks and food in many Tallahassee restaurants through college as well as managing the Fresh Market.  In 2008, Jean graduated with her MBA from Florida State University and entered the not so abundant job market at that time.

Paula Lucas worked in retail all throughout college and was a retail General Manager “lifer;” although she had tied on an apron quite a few times in life alongside her Grandma and Dad, who were both great bakers.

Collectively, they had the MBA brains, the biz owner savvy and some amazing recipes for sweet confections up their sleeves.

Meet the famous Lucy & Leo


While wracking their brains trying to come up with a name for their cupcakery and thinking they were so clever and witty, it turned out all the names they liked were taken by other clever and witty cupcake shop owners across the country. Then, they literally found their name in their own backyard and in the backyard next door.

Leo is a stunning, tall, skinny, white and brown Pointer/American Bull Dog mix and Lucy (his next door neighbor) was an exquisite, short, stout Black Lab/Basset Hound mix. (Sadly, sweet Lucy passed away in 2018, RIP Lucy girl) They were the best of friends. Jean and Paula loved the idea of these two dogs being the namesake of their shop, playing off Leo’s rambunctious side and Lucy’s strong feminine attitude.

They get a lot of credit for pups who never picked up a spatula or gave a mixer a whirl!