Tuesday Flavors

*Flavors that can be made gluten free or vegan


Classic Vanilla

*V | GF

Classically sweet and simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream


Classic Chocolate

*V | GF

Dark Chocolate cupcake with fudgy chocolate buttercream frosting


Chocolate Cream Cheese

*V | GF

Chocolate cake, filled with cream cheese frosting, topped with even

more cream cheese frosting + chocolate chips


Chocolate Peanut Butter

*V | GF

Dark chocolate cupcake with creamy peanut butter frosting, topped

with Reeces Pieces


Cookies & Cream

*V | GF

Oreo crumbles packed in a vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream

frosting, topped with more Oreo crumbles and a mini Oreo


Pineapple Right-side Up

*V | GF

Sweet pineapple and brown sugar cake, with a cherry baked in the

middle, topped with vanilla buttercream, a sprinkle of brown sugar

and a cherry


Mint Chocolate Chip

*V | GF

Dark chocolate cake topped with a scoop of light minty green

chocolate chip buttercream


Lemon Blue Sky

*V | GF

Vanilla cake, bursting with fresh tart blueberries with a delicious lemon

cream cheese frosting, topped with a few fresh blueberries


Strawberry Shortcup

*V | GF

Sweet fresh strawberries baked into a vanilla cake with fresh

whipped cream and a juicy strawberry


Red Velvet Oreo

Traditional red velvet cupcake, un-traditionally packed with Oreo

crumbles, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting with more Oreo

crumbles and a mini Oreo


Red Velvet

Grandma’s recipe! Traditional red velvet recipe with a touch of cocoa

and topped with cream cheese frosting