5 Most Instagram Followed Instagram Accounts In 2022

5 Most Instagram Followed Instagram Accounts In 2022

Instagram is the most influential social media application millions of people use every day. In this post, we have discussed the five most-followed Instagram accounts. To find out the most popular accounts in 2022, read this article. Apart from the celebrities, some other people also come among the most followed Instagram accounts. To get popular on Instagram, you can opt to buy Instagram impressions and advance your reach seamlessly. The top 20 list usually contains various groups such as actresses, musicians, T.V. personalities, and football players.

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SocialBooks allows you to remove the fake influencers and help sort out the original account that fulfills your requirements. According to marketing profs, we gathered the list of most-followed accounts and collected related information in this post. Read this detailed information about the most-followed Instagram accounts.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo is known to everyone; because of his success, he is famous on Instagram. He has been the most-followed Instagram account since May 2022. He has gained more followers after posting his wife’s birthday celebration images. He is the most followed person on this photo-sharing application platform with 440.41 million followers. Before reaching this amount of followers, he posted the videos with the captions like “Life is a rollers coaster.” His feed charts mainly focused on lifestyle, football, and lovely images with his spouse. He is a highly paid footballer and gets revenue from social media platforms.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a singer, actress, and writer, and she is well known for her music and impressive voice. She has reached out to more people after acting as the Cat valentine in Victorious’s T.V. series. And also released 15 albums and 49 awards and got Teen choice, grammy, and Billboard music awards. If you are a music lover, watch her videos during your free time. After the manchester arena Bombing concert, she has reached millions of users and notable people of all age groups. Her motivational speech builds confidence in several people to open up her emotions. Ariana’s Instagram gained over 2 million likes and scored 92 out of 100. She has some brand partners to achieve this reach. She has partnered with Reebok, Star bucks, Givenchy, Lipsy, LUXE brands, and Ulta beauty.


Beyonce has more than 240 million followers and is a well-known musician. She attracts massive crowds with her voice. She is the most selling recording artist, and she has sold 118 million records worldwide. She has secured 28 Grammy and 26 MTV awards and is also one of the world’s most awarded singers in history. You can follow her post and get modeling ideas if you are a model.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is his favorite football player, and he is the captain of both the national team of Argentina and the Barcelona team. Everyone knows him from his popular football player; he earned the world record four times in FIFA. He has secured 41 awards, name included in the Golden Ball, La Liga award, and European Golden shoe award. Messi has established Foundation Leo Messi and is also a UNICEF ambassador. He is also interested in a charity supporting children’s education and wellness. People suffering from Growth Harmon Deficiency can take him as a role model because even with the deficiency, he succeeded in this field. He impressed most of the youths by creating more impressions on the viewers. He also has a loving family with three beautiful children. Lionel Messi is not only famous for football but also on Instagram, with more than 143 followers following his account. His Instagram engagement number is 3.8 million, and he has scored 90 with a net worth of $400 million. He has collaborated with Tata motors, Huawei, Pepsi, and Adidas.

Justin Bieber

Bibes’s feed is full of shots of him, and he usually records music around the world and casts it into a life of a woman Hailey Baldwin Bieber. Justin is also the most followed person on the Instagram account. He has gathered the audience with music crunches. His genuine tone impressed everyone across the social media platform after his post on Napoleon’s tumultuous teen times.

Final Thought

We won’t go to bed without watching videos on social media platforms. We may be baffled about whom to follow for them. This post will be beneficial to finding the most followed accounts list. If you want to change anything around you and know current trends, follow the trendy person accounts on the social media platform. You will learn about the things around you and technologies on-trend from their content. Whether you are curious about sports, music, or dance, read about the above-stated followers, and you will follow the person. In this photo-sharing app, they will share their favorite photos with these images, which helps you know about their status.