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Welcome to Lucy & Leo’s Bakery! We are a family-owned, artisan cupcake shop where we focus on, small-batch, craft style cupcakes and cookies, that rotate seasonally. We are SUPER proud of the fact that we make everything from scratch, and bake fresh, on the daily. We offer a certain variety of flavors every day + seasonal flavors we rotate in and out every few months. Since we bake in small batches and fresh every day, we often run out of certain flavors throughout the day. We HIGHLY recommend placing a special order, to guarantee you get what you want, because we seriously hate to disappoint!

Here’s the good news… We offer Gluten Free and Vegan options EVERYDAY! We are not a Gluten Free exclusive bakery, however we take allergies seriously, by taking all of the precautions to keep ingredients baking pans and small wares separate. (**see our info page for more, well info.)

These are basically perfect cupcakes. Moist, not dense, flavorful but not too sweet, and with lots of fun flavors, it never gets boring.
— Jessica S.
Photo credit: Socially Loved Tallahassee

Photo credit: Socially Loved Tallahassee