Ultimate Guide To Using TikTok Analytics For Your Business

TikTok analytics is essential for anyone looking to improve their business through social media marketing. For any social media campaign, analytics is beneficial to provide you with the tool to evaluate its effectiveness. The device offers details about what is behind your marketing efforts. As a result, you learn more about your target audience and market, which supports you in building meaningful relationships with the customer. You can also start to buy TikTok followers to upgrade your reach organically. Have you ever noticed your TikTok analytics? How many likes, shares, and comments for your videos? You can use the services of this tool to see the engagement rate of the video. If you need all the details, you should know about the advantages of using TikTok analytics. The features available in this platform provide a few options for everyone searching for deeper insights into their social media strategy.

TikTok Analytics: How To View Them

After opening a business account, TikTok will start to collect data for your analytics selection. You are not able to view analytics before you upgrade your account. It will take one week for the app to start and display the details. To use an analytics tool, go to your profile and tap three vertical drops in the top right of the screen. At the bottom of the account settings, try to tap on the analytics tool. Following the three metrics, you can track them on your account.

Views On Video

Want to know which video has more views? If you posted more videos on a single day, you have to check what type of video caused that surge in pictures. Analytics will find the number of visiting times in the past week. Details of this view help make future content that will lead you to success. When you get more ideas and like your video, they may share it with friends and family members.

Views On Profile

The profile view is a good indicator of brand interest because it counts the number of people who liked your content and those curious to see what your company is up to on this new platform. So give all the related information that amplifies your brand visibility. Before writing a profile, it should be done, including all the valuable stuff there. It will increase your videos’ curiosity, and the audience may wait for your post.


The total number of TikTok users who have followed your company’s account. Can you check the number of followers? Yes, you can examine the previous week or month’s trend to determine how your follower count increases. This analysis is essential because the viral video does not assure the gain of followers. So if the follower growth trend has risen exponentially in the previous week, then go back and review what you have posted and repeat the same strategy for forthcoming videos. You can evaluate which content format works best for your company by doing this.

How To Access TikTok Content Analytics

There are different ways to access your TikTok content analytics. First, use tools that provide a quick view and share your marketing metrics. The advanced tools give instant measurements of video movement, and you can download and share them with the team members. If you want to limit your budget, start using free versions. TikTok pro offers deep analytics for companies that need to go beyond usual marketing strategies. You can refer to the performance of your content on this platform.

Trending Videos

TikTok analytics shows the first nine best-performing posts viewed mainly from the past week. If you want to see the performance of your post, click on the video thumbnail. In the dashboard, you will see the following information:

  • Number of likes
  • Number of shares
  • Number of comments

Comments are a great source of validating your videos because if someone leaves a comment and stops watching your video. Then, you can identify the problems in that video and take action to overcome the flaws. These metrics will give you a clear perspective of the response to your content. When you have engaging content, it will reach more people, and the audience will start to notice your video.

Hashtag Views

Wonder how to get this information? When you want insight into how many people have searched your hashtag, TikTok analytic tool will fetch its details. Use a popular hashtag that is relevant to your niche. And also, you can conduct some hashtag challenges, and people come to your video to watch the funny videos. Go to the discover page and see the views of the hashtag, related hashtags, and trending videos using hashtags.

Wrapping Up

TikTok analytics is an excellent tool for today’s digital marketing world. From the above details, you learn the basics of TikTok analytics, how to benefit from available features, and optimization of content to drive engaging content. In addition, tracking performance each week based on the metrics supports you to stand out on TikTok.