6 Ways To Check And Fix TikTok Glitches

TikTok has evolved into a platform in recent years, with millions of people running the app every day to post and view content. People use the “For You Page” to find the current videos and sounds. With so many clients and new elements added regularly, there should be issues with the application use, including the TikTok glitches. A few customers noticed that their phones were not opening the application, resulting in a trend of complaints. As a brand, you can also buy TikTok fans to uplift your recognition online. This time, it will appear that people are experiencing strange glitches when watching videos, which either block the screen or leave them to play anything on the application.

Close And Restart The App

When you open TikTok, it will collect a small amount of data to save on the back end. If this information expanded, it would continue to make your application heavier. You can stop this application to diagnose the problem because the quickest way to fix most of the issues on this platform is to restart the app. By doing this, applications on your device can reload their resources and remove any temporary errors that occurred during the runtime. You can restart an application to clean the data when you want to access this swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. Locate TikTok and swipe it up to close the application.

Restart Your iPhone Or Android Device

If the previously installed application does not work for you, this could be the turning point in your life. It is an easy step because you can restart your phone. When you reboot your iPhone or Android and open it again, it will resolve the problem most of the time. How to restart your phone? Long press the power button on your phone until you see the power options. Then, use the restart menu to reboot your device. You have to restart the phone by using the hold-down button for 10 seconds. If you want to play videos flawlessly, try rebooting your phone.

Examine Your Internet Connection

As previously stated, a slow internet connection will prevent TikTok videos from loading on your device. You can use speed test software to determine your current network bandwidth to ensure this. When you are not receiving the high-speed internet on your monthly subscription, try restarting your router or modem to reconnect with your Internet service provider.

Examine The TikTok App Permission

TikTok requires specific permissions to function correctly. You cannot use this platform to work well when you do not grant special permissions. For example, you should allow a camera, microphone, storage, etc. You should follow the steps to check and permit the needed authorization for this platform.

  • Go to phone settings and select apps and notifications
  • Locate and open the installed applications
  • Allow all necessary permission by clicking the permissions tab
  • Relaunch TikTok to see if it fixes the issues

Contact TikTok Support

Even if you try all the methods and can’t fix glitches, you have only one option: to contact TikTok customer support. You may face problems due to technical issues with your account rather than the TikTok application. Thus, keep in touch with customer support and talk to them about the problems that you are facing. The team will investigate and advise on the best solution.

Update The TikTok App

When you cannot view your funny videos, you may be using an outdated application version. You can download the latest version on the google play store and regular release of updates to fix the problem and add new features. So, if your TikTok is not working correctly, it is because of the bug that was resolved in the recent updates. You can get a new updated version on the Google play store. Below are the steps for updating your TikTok app

  • Search for Tiktok in the play store
  • If it shows any updates, then update your application
  • Launch this app after installing the revised version and fix the problems.


TikTok itself has some restrictions, such as age. The ages under 13 are not able to post any comments. The kids aged between 13-15 are set as private by default which means the followers can comment on their contents, and users will not be permitted to make a duet. It is somehow tricky to fix the TikTok glitches. If you follow the above steps, you can resolve the errors in this application. Furthermore, if the TikTok recordings applications get corrupted, use the repair tool on hand to assist you in determining the issues.